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Jobs in the World of Horse Racing

Ever Fancied Working in Horse Racing?


Horse Racing JobsHorse racing is an exciting world, from the stables to the racetrack. Not only that, but it is an industry steeped in historical legacy. Because of this, many people are interested in what horse racing careers are available. Beneath all the glitz and glamor, there are many horse racing jobs. Here, we will talk about just a few of the horse racing jobs available to those who are interested. From the farm to the track and beyond, there is probably at least one of these horse racing careers that you will find appealing.


Horse Racing Track Jobs

Racetracks need many people to keep them running. Announcing might be your career of choice if you have a flair for performance, a great voice, and a good eye. Entry clerks work closely with trainers and owners to determine what horses will be entering what race. They also post positions at the start. Journalists may also be on call to document the race. Paddock judges call horses in order and inspect them to be sure they have on the right equipment. There are a number of other workers, such as those who work in concessions, as janitors, ticket clerks, and as tellers. Others must also upkeep the stables.


On the Farm

On the farm, the role of the stable hand is much more important. They might be engaged in mucking stables, feeding, grooming horses, and even a bit of training. Trainers, however, are the people on the farm who really take the lead with the horses. They must manage horses, their diets, their routines, and all their training. Farm managers on the other hand, manage the farm themselves. They are the ones responsible for keeping books, overseeing other workers, and supervising whatever is happening on the farm (breeding, training, etc.). Although jockeys are closely associated with race day, they typically meet the horse before they get to the track, on the farm. Jockeys must follow regimens as strict as the horses they ride.


Other Horse Racing Careers

There are many other horse racing careers available. For instance, as a blacksmith or veterinarian you might work closely with horses. Breeders are another example of people who can work closely with horses, but may not actually ride them or see the races they participate in. Therapists, walkers, exercise riders, and lots of others also do their part to make the race industry what it is.