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The Inner Circle – Pay-As-You-Win Tips

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What are the Inner Circle Pay-As-You-Win Horse Racing Tips?

From time to time I will receive information from my contacts advising that a particular horse has a VERY good chance of winning.  This information is often kept to within the inner circle of the horse racing fraternity and away from the bookies.  Therefore, the prices are often very good and the chance of a win is excellent.  This exclusive information has seen me select winners from 4/1 to 22/1 in the past and it is these bets that I place the big money on.







With this in mind I will sometimes offer these selections to those of you that sign up for my exclusive Inner Circle horse racing tips.  Membership to the inner circle is FREE but limited to 100 places in order not to effect the prices too much, this is part of the deal that I have struck with my contacts in the field.

I can’t give you any indication as to how often these exclusive horse racing tips will come along, but when they do you will be the first to know, so don’t hang around.  Unfortunately I often receive this information at short notice, so be quick to let me know that you want the tip!  Remember, this is genuine insider information.

How Does the Inner Circle work?

If you are successful at securing 1 of the 100 slots available to join the inner circle you will be emailed on the day (often shortly before the off is when I get the call) that these special selections are available, having received the insider information from my contacts.   Emails are sent to all active Inner Circle members on days when I receive this exclusive information, with details of the bet including the odds available. The email will include a link for you to confirm that you wish to receive the exclusive selection – all bets are optional.
When you click the link and confirm that you want to receive the information you will instantly be sent the selection by email. In return I ask that you place a WIN bet on my behalf at a R500 stake as payment for the information.  You are free to place whatever bet you feel comfortable with.  At some point after the race I will send you another email advising  you how to send the profits based on a R500 stake if the horse wins of course!
For example: If the selection is 10/1 and wins, you would need to send a payment of R5,000 as payment for the information provided. Obviously for this to happen it means your bet has also won at 10/1 at whatever stake you have placed, so we are all in the money!  If you were unable to place the bet at the advised odds, please take a screenshot of the bet confirmation page from your online bookie account, showing the odds that you secured.

Please bet responsibly!

Although the information that I receive has proven very reliable in the past, please remember that this is still gambling and I cannot guarantee that we will always win.