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Fancy Being a Race Horse Owner?

Own a Race Horse


Do you love horse racing? If so, you might want to look into how to own a race horse. Many people buy a race horse because the love the sport, as well the animals themselves. Here, we will talk about what it is like to own a race horse. We will talk about the perks that owners enjoy, as well as how much it costs to buy a race horse. Lastly, we will discuss the different types of ownership that one might have when it comes to race horses.Own a Race Horse


Perks of Owning a Horse


There are lots of perks to owning a race horse. When you own a race horse of your own, one of the best part is the thrill of watching your horse compete, and, sometimes, win. But besides that, you will be treated to other perks when you buy a race horse. Perks include an owner’s pass, which allows you to visit a particular track anytime you want. Owners may also be able to park in special places on race day. Lastly, owners are allowed to take their place in the owner’s enclosure. There, you can rub elbows with other owners and possible celebrities.




The cost to own a race horse depends upon the horse, as well as the type of ownership you buy into (more about that in a moment). Horses are very expensive. Expect costs for specialized transportation, training, stables, stable hands, groomers, blacksmiths, equipment, and lots (and lots) of feed. Some pay over $30,000 per year in care for training. Expect a few hundred dollars of month for horseshoes. You will also have to pay jockeys at the track. Whenever your horses get sick or injured, you will also be looking at vet bills, as well.


Different Types of Ownership


There are a few different types of ownership. What type you select is dependent upon your finances, as well as the power you want over the horse. Sole ownership means you, and you alone, own the one horse. Syndicates are a bit different. In a syndicate you and several others “invest” in a horse. You each pay a portion of the fees of the horse on a regular basis to care for it. Club ownerships are another way you can own a race horse, even with little money. A horse club is much like a professional syndicate you can buy shares in. They may own several horses, a track, or a stable.