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Connect To UK Bookies – Use a VPN

Place Your Bet with a UK Bookie Online From SA


As you may have already discovered, some of the online bookmakers who take UK horse racing bets prefer that their customers are located within the UK when the bet is placed.  This can obviously cause some difficulty if, like me you are based in South Africa.


So How Do You Place The Bet?


Thankfully an easy and cost effective solution is connecting to the internet via a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  There is loads of information about VPNs out there on the internet so I’m not going to go into too much detail about how it works etc.  The important thing to understand is that once you are connected to the VPN, your IP address becomes a UK one, thus allowing you to UK websites with restricted access, such as UK bookies.  Another bonus is that you can access TV from around the world!


A VPN works for most UK bookies accepting UK horse racing bets, however not all.  It really is a case of trial and error.  Bet365 for example do not mind you placingExpress VPN a bet from SA.


Which VPN Do I Use?


I’ve tried many VPN providers over the years, most of which work but the connection can be slow.  I have been with ExpressVPN for a number of years now.  The connection is fast, the service is good, the apps are easy to install and connecting to the VPN could not be easier.


An added benefit is that they have worldwide connections, meaning I can also stream TV from the US!  Check out ExpressVPN here if this is what you’re looking for.  They offer a FREE 30 day trial too.