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About Me

 A little about me and my horse racing tips…

Horse Racing Tips WinnersMy name is Ian Evans, and I created the SA Horse Racing Tips website back in 2014 having moved to South Africa in the early part of 2013 with my wife, son and daughter from the South Coast of the UK. My wife, Lucy is from SA and we thought the time was right to up sticks and make a life changing move. So far it’s been fantastic, we’ve met lots of wonderful people and I love the outdoor lifestyle that South Africa offers!

Since a young age I’ve loved horses and in particular horse racing. My mother was a horse riding instructor so I guess she’s to blame! I’ve always enjoyed betting on horse racing, whether it be flat, all weather or National Hunt races.  I’ve never put on a blind bet, even in those early gambling days I worked hard to get horse racing tips! I still get such a buzz whenever placing a bet and then watching the horse race itself. I decided at a very young age that I wanted to be a professional gambler, and that’s what I am!  I’ve done rather well out of the sport and managed to secure myself a pretty good work/life balance and enough cash to enjoy life with my family and secure the children a decent education.  To be honest, that’s all I ever wanted.

Having been around horse racing in the UK for many years (the numbers are getting too high these days!) I have gained many contacts and forged strong relationships with those in the sport and other professional gamblers. I am fortunate that I often acquire insider knowledge and secret horse racing tips. I have also become rather good at analysing a lot of information and have a number of systems that I use to make my selections. The combination of my systems and horse racing tips means that I make a very good living from betting on the horses!

When I moved to South Africa I intended to continue betting on the horses here. However, without meaning to cause any offense to anyone it’s just not the same. The number of daily/weekly high quality meetings in the UK is far greater, the competition is often more exciting and the opportunities to get regular wins and therefore make big money is far greater! Plus with a choice of online bookmakers available and the ease of placing a bet online, it’s much easier to turn a profit.

This brought me to where I am today, sharing my knowledge of the UK horse racing scene with you and providing you with horse racing tips which I am confident will see you and I make a profit! Since 2014 my members have continued to see their investment increase, sure we’ve had some losers but this is not a get rich quick scheme.  By maintaining discipline and a decent staking system has ensured that we have made some very decent money indeed!  Beats working, that’s for sure.

My Horse Racing Tips

I make the selections by using a combination of my tried and tested horse racing betting system and my contacts at the yards and race courses around the UK who provide insider information. I only provide horse racing tips to members if I think the price is right and the conditions will suit. I will notify you of the tips late morning/early afternoon of the race day via email.Horse Racing Tips, Professional Tipster

The majority of the bets will be higher priced and therefore there maybe days when there are no tips provided. I won’t be making up the number of horse racing tips with short priced favourites, that’s not the name of the game for me! Realistically you should be expecting horse racing tips from me around 4 times per week where you should still be able to get odds of at least 5/1 and many at 20/1 and 30/1!

Now with these kind of odds, it is important that you understand that we will get losers, you are betting on animals and there are a lot of things that can go wrong and no horse is a dead cert! Also, remember the weather in the UK is much more changeable than South Africa! The beauty of the bigger wins is that you don’t need many to get back on track. I strongly suggest that you use a Points Based Staking System, if you are not sure what this is please visit the page here for information.

Horse Racing Betting in the UK

Some of you may not have any knowledge of the horse racing seen in the UK and are daunted by the prospect of placing a bet for a UK based horse race.  I assure you, nothing could be simpler.  The UK is geared up to accept bets from all over the world and there are a number of reputable online bookmakers (bookies) that are eager to take your bet.  The good thing is that these bookies offer some crazy deals to make you bet with them.  They love to give you free bets!  What could be better than placing horse racing bets whilst using the bookmakers cash?  Winning and taking their money of course!  Check out my guides to betting in the UK here.

I offer a number of different options for you to receive my horse racing tips.  Please check out the racing tips page here for information.

Thanks again for visiting my website.  I genuinely believe that we are going to have a cracking time together and if you are sensible the re is no reason why you can;t take your share of the profits.

All the best,


Please bet responsibly!

Although the information that I receive has proven very reliable in the past, please remember that this is still gambling and I cannot guarantee that we will always win.